The Best Treatment For Macular Edema in RP

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May 25, 2021
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June 2, 2021

Macular edema is one of the common complication of RP patients. Different studies have shown a prevalence of cystoid macular edema of about 10% to 15% among RP patients, most of these cases without an inheritance pattern.

Macular is in the center of the retina, with a high concentration of photoreceptor cells. Macular edema is a condition in which fluid builds up in the macular causing it to swell, distorting vision, for example, straight lines appear wavy, washing out or fading colors.

The macular is responsible for central vision, fine details and colors, while the rest of the retina processes peripheral vision. The retina detects light and converts it into electrical impulses that are transmitted by the optic nerve to the visual cortex of the brain, which processes them, resulting in vision.

Can macular edema be cured?

The answer is NO. But your vision can be better preserved with effective treatment. The visual recovery depends on the successful management of the underlying condition and the severity of optic nerve cells damage.

Maintaining a healthy weight, keeping eye pressure, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control can help prevent the worsening of macular edema.

What’s the best treatment for macular edema?

Common treatments include eye drops, corticosteroids (Ozurdex, Retisert), Anti-VEGF injection(Avastin, Lucentis), Laser, vitrectomy surgery. Injections of corticosteroids and anti-VEGF need to be repeated every three or four months, the side effects including eye infection, eye pain, increased eye pressure, retinal detachment. The result of Laser and vitrectomy surgery depends on the surgeon’s practical experience, especially their clinical experience in treating RP patients. As RP patients’ retina condition is quite complicated compared with the normal healthy people. Many RP patients’ retina is very sensitive to surgical stimulation, and might even cause vision loss for some.

For RP patients, their remaining vision is so valuable, that it determines the quality of their life. Once they lose the vision, it’s gone. Nobody can revert the dead optic nerve cells. They might lose the chance for future treatment options if they’ve lost most of the visual function.

Therefore, it’s quite crucial to find an effective remedy to control the macular edema, and meanwhile, without any risks or side effects to damage the current vision. MacuRelief is made of the best herb-based components, to treat the root cause of the disease pattern by activating the blood circulation in order to resolve stagnation. It reduces macular edema by natural healing. Recovery from macular edema is slow and gradual and may even take a long time. 70% of the early-stage patients got rid of the distorted vision after six months of MacuRelief treatment. Their color perception also got improved. For RP patients with macular edema, a combination of StemActiv + MacuRelief is highly recommended. Both of the medicine effectively manage the underlying causes and improve the health of the retina.

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