Pretreatment for Stem Cell and Gene Therapies


Activate dormant optic nerve cells by nature

A natural stem cell activation formula for RP, is made of the best herb-based components for activation of your dormant optic nerve stem cells, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and boost immunity. This natural herbal formula increases the blood, nutrients and oxygen supply to the eyes, detoxes the metabolic waste of the retina and reduces inflammation of the optic cells, it maintains the vision function and for the long run, restores or improves the central vision and peripheral vision through a natural healing.

History of StemActiv

This formula has been scientifically proved to be effective for RP and other retinal diseases since 1990s. China RP center has started using StemActiv for RP patients since then. Thousands of patients suffered from RP, Usher-Syndrome, Stargardt disease, dry macular degeneration have consumed StemActiv for a long-term and lived a normal life for decades.

Benefits of StemActiv

• Activate your own body's stem cells to migrate and produce new healthy opticcells.

• Improve blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen supply to the retina.

• Contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic agents and neurotrophic factors, which contribute to retinal neuroprotection.

• Promote faster healing and recovery of the dormant optic cells.

• Increase the success of stem cell and gene therapies.

• Naturally restore and improve vision function.

• Zero side effect for long-term use.


All the herbs are from natural plants. However, the natural remedy isn’t a magic and quick fix. It takes time till the dormant optic nerve cells are activated. Patience and perseverance are two traits that must be followed towards the path to better vision.


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