How to restore and regenerate the optic nerve cells damage caused by glaucoma? 

Glaucoma Specialists are usually good at lowering your eye pressure. However, elevated eye pressure is NOT the only factor that can accelerate vision loss in glaucoma patients.Folks on eye pressure lowing medication continue to lose vision even though they have low eye pressure.

Our strategy is to let the glaucoma specialists work on controlling the eye pressure while we focus on the regeneration, maintenance, integrity and functionality of the optic nerve.

Specific frequency alternating current stimulation (AC STIM) is a research-proven method to improve the health and function of the optic nerve. It delivers electrical impulses to damaged and diseased photoreceptor cells. This electrical stimulation enhances the activity and function of these retinal cells, thereby reinforcing visual signaling along the optic nerve and restoring impaired vision. AC STIM has a unique regulator and processor that adjusts the frequency and power based on each individual’s retinal tissue acceptance. The lower frequency increases energy production (ATP) in the retina, reverts the damaging optic nerve cells, preserves visual acuity and the visual field. The higher frequency helps relax the retinal tissue, increase blood supply to the retina, stimulate and energize dormant optic cells, and boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products which interfere with the flow of energy, nutrients and communication. The treatment also attracts adult stem cells to help stimulate possible cell regeneration


We also recommend supplements like StemActiv to help with neuroprotection, and for improving blood flow to the optic nerve. Glaucoma is often associated with increased pressure in the eye. However, many patients’ visual function continues to worsen despite treatment to lower down the IOP, indicating there are other factors at play in addition to pressure. Vision Neurobiologists have found that neuroserpin, which is produced in the connectors between nerve cells, is vital in protecting retinal ganglion cells. Cells naturally break down and are recycled in the body, but when neuroserpin is absent, this process speeds up in the retina. Essentially, the body begins to eat away at the retinal ganglion cells and the optic nerve.

Oxidation is a common cause of molecular breakdown in nature. Iron rusting and a cut apple turning brown are both familiar examples. Researchers discovered that when neuroserpinoxidises, it loses its protective ability, allowing accelerated cell breakdown. Therefore, anti-oxidative supplement especially focusing on retinal health is very crucial for glaucoma with controlled IOP. StemActiv contains lot of anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory components, it activates the dormant optic nerve cells and restores glaucoma patients’ visual function.

Red light therapy has been investigated as a potential adjunctive treatment for glaucoma. Studies have shown that red light therapy can improve blood flow to the optic nerve, reduce oxidative stress, and promote the survival of retinal ganglion cells. These findings suggest that red light therapy may have a role in managing glaucoma and restoring optic nerve function.

The combination of StemActiv, AC STIM and Light Therapy is a safe and effective way to heal and recover the health and function of your optic nerve, for long-term vision preservation.