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April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

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Angelica Sinensis, Paeonia Lactiflora, Acorus Gramineus, Cassia seed, Lanceolate Dichotomous Starwort Root, Chinese yam, Goji berry, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Licorice, Chrysanthemum, Poria, Eriocaulon.


Typical usage is two bags (40g) per day, preferably taken as one bag early in the day such as after breakfast, and one bag later in the afternoon or after dinner. Minimum 6 hours separately. Mixing in 300 milliliters boiled water and oral taking.


Children under 8 years old should consult with us before ordering.

All the herbs are from natural plants. However, the dosage and pairing of the herbs are crucial, overdose or insufficient dose might not achieve the desired results.

What are the benefits of StemActiv?

  • Activate your own body’s stem cells to migrate and produce new optic nerve stem cells
  • Improve blood circulation, nutrients, and oxygen supply to the retina
  • Improve optic nerve cellular health
  • Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation
  • Promote faster healing and recovery of the dormant optic cells
  • Naturally restore and improve vision function
  • Zero side effect for long-term use
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