Heating Herbal Eye Pack
Heating Herbal Eye Pack
April 14, 2020
One Month Package For Dry Eye (Include 30 herbal tea bags,60 herbal eye pads)
November 25, 2020

Herbal Eye Pad (15pc)


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Description: An eye pad made from 10 natural herbal plants: lutein, dendrobium, senecio scandens, honeysuckle, buddleja officinalis, safflower, semen celosiae, wormwood, borneol, chrysanthemum.
As an effective adjuvant treatment, eye pads with superfine Chinese herbal extracts can help accelerate metabolism of orbital tissue and increase blood circulation to the retina.
It’s a good combination with Restore Vision Herbal Tea and the hot herbal eye pack.

Main functions:
• Effectively relieve dry eyes, blurry eyes, fatigue eyes, inflammation of the eyes.
• Increase microcirculation of the eyes, increase blood flow to the retina
• For long-term use, prevention of the vision deterioration

Instruction: 1 to 2 pieces daily. Lie down and keep the eyes closed for 15 to 20 minutes.

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