Natural remedy for eye floaters: Pros and Cons

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November 18, 2021
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How to differentiate autoimmune retinopathy and inherited RP
November 18, 2021
Is Vitamin A safe for RP?
December 10, 2021

The traditional treatment for floaters is vitrectomy, a surgical option to cut into the eyes and remove the vitreous. However, risks associated with vitrectomy include:

  • Eye infection.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Increased eye pressure.
  • Damage to the lens.
  • Formation of cataracts.
  • Retinal detachment caused by the surgery.
  • Problems with eye movement following surgery.

Due to the above risks, this surgical option is only recommended for severe cases. Many people prefer not to undergo eye surgery, but they would still like to get rid of their eye floaters. There are some natural treatments you can try. While none directly address eye floaters, they can improve the overall health of your eye.

Natural treatments for eye floaters :

1, Restore vision herbal tea:

This herbal formula contains a lot of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative substances. It also improves the microcirculation of the eyes. Restore vision herbal tea gets rid of eye floaters by treating the root causes and optimizing general vision health.

2, Cold and warm compress(Herbal eye pad and heating herbal eye pad):

The herbal eye pad and heating herbal eye pad are made of 12 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts. They are put around local ocular tissue to improve circulation around the eyes. We use advanced equipment and process the Chinese herbs into superfine particles that are 100 times smaller than capillary pores of eye skin. The herbal ingredients can be directly absorbed by the eye tissue and achieve treatment concentration. Meanwhile, it also accelerates the metabolism of orbital tissue and corrects the hypoxia state.

Heating Herbal Eye Pack

Pros & Cons of Going the Natural Route :

If you are thinking about naturally treating your eye floaters instead of going the surgical route, consider the following:

Pros of using natural approaches :

  • No risk of harm during surgery
  • No potential post-surgery complications
  • Targets cause of floaters to keep them from coming back
  • Promotes a healthier overall lifestyle
  • Safe treatment option, absolutely no side effects

Cons of using natural approaches :

  • Not a quick fix
  • Takes a commitment to lifestyle changes
  • May need to try multiple methods in order to achieve desired results

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