Feedback of optic nerve damage and mydriasis caused by injury

This 40-year-old lady injuredher right eye when playing badminton. She was diagnosed traumatic optic neuropathy, hyphema, secondary glaucoma, traumatic mydriasis. She was admitted to hospital for 10 days, to control the eye pressure and treat the bleeding of anterior chamber. But her vision acuity of the right eyedid not get any improvement, her vision was very blurry and foggy. She could not focus on things due to the traumatic mydriasis. She had to stop driving and her life quality was severely affected.

After discharge, the doctor recommended her the whole set of home vision therapy to recover the optic nerve function:

* 9 months StemActiv (improve the blood supply to maintain the optic nerve function).

* AC STIM 20 minutes daily (activate the dormant optic nerve cells).

* OCU-ION 20 minutes daily (control the IOP and accelerate the absorption of the anterior chamber bleeding, improve the vision acuity).

After 6 months of consistent neuroprotection, her vision function improved a lot and she did the eye check. The central vision acuity improved from 0.05 to 0.6. Her dilated pupil decreased from 6 millimeter to 3 millimeter. The peripheral vision expanded significantly. She can drive again.

RP patient's feedback after 6 months StemActiv+AC STIM+OCU ION

This 46-year-old RP patient started take StemActiv 6 months ago, after taking StemActiv for one month, he felt his night vision became brighter, he was more confident walking in dim light. However, his didn’t feel much difference of his field vision. We highly recommended him add AC STIM and OCU-ION as the adjuvant treatment to accelerate the activation of the dormant rods and cones. After 6 months of the comprehensive home vision therapy: StemActiv+AC STIM+OCU-ION, his peripheral vision got dramatically improved.

Comments from a full time driver after 6 months StemActiv therapy

We have received some comments from one of our patients on the YouTube channel. He is a full-time driver, started taking StemActiv 8 months ago, here is his first comment on our YouTube channel. He mentioned he just bought 6 months StemActiv, he is 41 years old and only has central vision. He noticed the change in the corner of both eyes right away, both eyes field vision opened up. It’s worth the value compared the benefits. It’s not a cure but improved a lot!

Following is screen copy of Youtube comment:

Today, we received another comment from him, sharing his experience after his 6 months StemActiv journey. He is still working as a full-time driver. StemActiv has improved his vision so much and changed a lot of his daily routine. Although there is no cure yet and StemActiv is not a quick fix. It takes time till the dormant optic nerve cells are activated. Patience and perseverance are two traits towards the path to a better vision.

Following is screen copy of Youtube comment:

Six months follow-up of a Japanese Usher-syndrome patient

This Usher-syndrome patient from Japan gave us feedback after taking StemActiv for one week, two months, three months and six months. We pick up this patient’s follow-up, because he himself is also a medical staff, he has recorded his experience in detail.

1. After taking StemActiv for one week, he didn’t feel anything negative, night vision has got a little bit brighter.

2. After two months,his central vision blurriness was reduced, his visual field opened up, night vision improved.

3. Three months after taking StemActiv, his peripheral vision and central vision acuity has continuously improved, it’s easier to see computer screen.

4. Six months feedback, his peripheral vision got significantly improved, but central vision not that ideal.

OCT Comparison before and after StemActiv with MacuRelief

This 56-year-old patient has macular edema and optic nerve atrophy. After consuming 2 months combination of StemActiv and MacuRelief, her optic nerve fibre layer got thicker, the edema at the macular area disappeared. Both eyes vision acuity got significant improvement. Left eye vision acuity increased from 0.4 (before StemActiv treatment) to 0.7 (after consuming StemActiv). Right eye vision acuity increased from 0.02 to 0.3.

StemActiv expands Usher Syndrome visual field

This 37-year-old patient has been diagnosed of Usher Syndrome at the age of 11. Besides severe night blindness, he has mild hearing loss and the progress of vision loss was not very fast, until in the recent two years, due to stress and anxiety, he has experienced accelerated peripheral vision loss. Especially his left eye, the visual field becomes extremely constricted, he bumps into things more frequently than before.

After taking StemActiv continuously for 6 months, his left eye peripheral vision expanded obviously, he told us his visual field is as good as it was 5 years ago. Following is the visual field test before and after StemActiv treatment.

StemActiv brings hope for Stargardt disease

This 19-year-old male patient suffers from Stargardt disease since childhood. His right eye vision declined dramatically in February 2021, due to fundus hemorrhage. Following are his OCT, FFA and ICGA images. Before StemActiv treatment, he could only see hand movement from the right eye. After the first VEGF injection, his vision didn’t get any change. His local doctor prescribed 6-months StemActiv and 3 times VEGF injections.

In September 2021, his right eye vision improved from hand movement to 0.3, he can manage his daily life independently and go back to college again.


Vision Changes after taking StemActiv for 11 days

This 24-year-old RP patient belongs to the very late stage. He cannot manage his daily life independently. When he was young, his local doctor told him that he is going to be blind at the age of 21. The first time he contacted us, he was very skeptical and raised a lot of questions and concerns. After doing his own research, he made his first order of one-month StemActiv. He sent us the exciting news on the 11th day of taking StemActiv: The flashing is almost gone!! He is totally convinced and he is more confident to see more improvement by continuously taking StemActiv.


RP patient’s feedback after taking StemActiv for 2 months

This 36-year-old female patient got diagnose with RP 7 years ago. She has lost about 80% central vision and 85% peripheral vision, she is using a walking stick and has registered legally blind. We have just received her brother’s message about the patient’s improvements in her vision since taking StemActiv.


  • Less tiredness in the eyes.
  • She used to see yellow squiggly lines in her vision between 8-10 times daily. Now she is reporting that she sees it around 1-2 times daily.
  • Peripheral vision has improved slightly.
  • Slight improvement to her colour vision. Screens are not all one colour anymore. She can see different colours now.


The natural remedy – StemActiv is NOT a quick and magic fix. It takes long time till the dormant optic cells are activated and people see the visible improvements. Patience and perseverance are two traits that must be followed towards the path to better vision.

Comparison of late-stage RP patient’s vision condition before and after StemActiv treatment

This 65-year-old male patient has late-stage RP, his vision acuity was quite poor, he couldn’t go outside without somebody else help. After one-year continuous StemActiv treatment, his vision got tremendous improvement, fundus check shows the dark spots on his retina have reduced, OCT shows his retina thickness and optic nerve function gets normal.

OCT after treatment:

MacuRelief Reduces RP patients’ Macular Edema

This 57-year-old female RP patient, suffers from macular edema 17 years ago. Her left eye central vision acuity is hand movement 20cm in front of the eye, after three months combination treatment of MacuRelief + StemActiv, her left eye macular edema has reduced significantly, the vision acuity is improved from hand movement to 0.05. She can see the frame of the big furniture in her room now.

Comparison of result before and after 6 months StemActiv+MacuRelief combination treatment

This 34-year-old male patient suffers from RP (both eyes), optic nerve atrophy (both eyes), left eye macular edema and macular retinoschisis, the central vision acuity of his left eye is 0.3. Both eyes blurry vision and vision loss process is very fast, cannot be corrected by spectacles.

After 6 months StemActiv+MacuRelief combination treatment, his left eye macular edema has reduced significantly, retinoschisis has been healed, both eyes peripheral vision got obviously expanded. The central vision acuity of the left eye has improved from 0.3 to 0.6. After six months treatment, he can drive again.

Before Treatment

After Six Months StemActiv+MacuRelief Treatment

RP patient’s vision acuity improved and the field vision gets expanded after 1 month StemActiv

39-year-old female RP patient

Comparison of fundus examination before and after 6 months StemActiv treatment

35-year-old male RP patient

Fundus check before and after StemActiv treatment is as below: optic nerve function gets improved.

Before StemActiv Treatment

After StemActiv Treatment

Comparison of OCT before and after 3 months MacuRelief + StemActiv combination treatment

This 55-year-old female patient suffers from RP and macular edema since 2010. She had tried western medical procedures like surgeries, eye drops, and oral medicine, but the effect lasted only a few months. She needed to repeat the treatment procedures very frequently, and that is also a negative stimulation for her RP. As we all know, that RP patients’ retina is so weak and sensitive to all surgical procedures. These procedures might cause side effects to damage the optic nerve cells.

She is seeking for natural remedy for her complicated eye condition. And after consuming 3 months MacuRelief + StemActiv combination treatment, her central vision becomes much clear and her distorted vision also got tremendous improvement. Here is her OCT scan before and after MacuRelief and StemActiv combination treatment. You can see the macular edema disappears compared with the last OCT result.

Before MacuRelief + StemActiv Combination Treatment

After MacuRelief + StemActiv Combination Treatment

Name: Miss Hu

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Eye condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Edema, gradual vision loss, distored vision, faded colors. Before taking MacuRelief, she has done steroid eye drops, but it did not work. The oral medication caused her kidney stones. She could tolerate steroid injections, but that didn’t work, either. Finally, she tried the Ozurdex implant, which caused very high eye pressure, she even needed a surgical procedure to lower down the eye pressure. She was kind of at the end of the rope until MacuRelief was recommended.

She did OCT before and after MacuRelief treatment. Below OCT shows the macular thickness before and after MacuRelief for both eyes. You can see 6 months MacuRelief has made a tremendous improvement, especially for the right eye. The patient’s distorted vision which has bothered her for years has improved a lot, without any side effects.

Before MacuRelief Treatment

After 6 months MacuRelief Treatment

Macular Edema is stagnation of fluid due to one or more of the following pathological processes:

1. Toxic builds up of inflammation, metabolic waste, apoptosis, acidosis.

2. RP patients’ poor blood flow resulting in a deprivation of oxygen and nutrients in the retina.

MacuRelief is to increase blood flow to the retina and keep the optic cells activated, stimulate the eyes to reabsorb the fluids. Steroid medications may do the same, but the side effects may accelerate vision loss dramatically, not to mention cause severe dry eye syndrome.

Besides MacuRelief, patients also need to reduce stimulants like caffeine, carbs, sugar, alcohol, nicotine and add good sources of green veggies, good fats and protein to their daily diet.

Name: Lu De Wei

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Eye condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa, gradual vision loss for 5 years, night blindness, sensitive to the sunlight

Mr. Lu, a 52-year-old male patient, he did the vision tests before and after the treatment.

Before StemActiv Treatment:

Vision acuity: L:0.4; R:0.3. Peripheral vision is quite constricted.

After 6 Months StemActiv Treatment:

Vision acuity: L:0.5. R: 0.5. His peripheral vision got obvious expanded.

Below is his checking result before and after StemActiv.

Before StemActiv Treatment

Before StemActiv Treatment

Name: Amer Esther

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Eye condition: macular edema, vision distortion, dry eyes, sensitive to the sunlight

I’m an IT engineer, work in front of the computer over 8 hours a day. I always feel itchy eyes and irritated after facing computer screen for hours. My eye doctor recommended these herbal products to me. I’m quite impressive for the herbal eye pad. It really released the dry eyes and the feel the eyes much teary after 20 minutes of using this eye pad. Together with the herbal tea and hot eye pad, my macular edema didn’t get worse. Taking the herbal tea and relaxing the eyes with the herbal eye pad has become an important part of my life.

Name: Melinda Smith

Age: 56

Gender: Female

Eye condition: RP, floaters for years, slight cataract, night blindness

I recommend these restore vision herbal products series to anyone who feels like they have lost their "shine". It makes my eyes bright and the vision field open up. I would suggest taking one to two cups each day (with no sweetener added) for at least a month to see if you like it's effects. I first discovered this tea in China about 5 or 6 years ago and have been using it ever since. I remembered quite well that after taking this herbal tea for just few months, my floaters reduced significantly and I’m more confident in dim light.

For herbs to work their best, I recommend cutting out junk and processed food stuffs, reducing eating out, drinking copious amounts of water and getting enough sleep... I've enjoyed a pantry full of restore vision herbs over the years. I wanted to share my review with the hope that others may enjoy them too.

Name: Dennis Kim

Age: 62

Gender: Male

Eye condition: night blindness, color blindness, floaters in both eyes. Fatigue eyes

I take this herbal tea daily as well as the herbal pad and hot eye pad. My eye sight has IMPROVED so much so I do not need glasses. I was going to see an optometrist several years ago and stumbled upon a sale of these restore vision products. I tried it and WOW! It helped so much I actually NOTICED a difference in my vision (for the better). My eyesight now is BETTER than it was 10 - 15 years ago. Even my side vision, night vision and focus has improved. This is the REAL DEAL!

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