While there are many western and TCM doctors that treat RP and other retinal disorders throughout China, our team at China RP Integrative Treatment Center is comprised of only the top medical experts in their respective fields. Before joining in our team, all chief doctors must have a minimum of 20 years clinical experience and have treated at least 5,000 RP and other retinal disorders patients. In order to give our patients the best treatment results, we have heavily invested in medical research and treatments to help people maintain their vision, independence and quality of life.
The treatments we offer include: StemActiv, stem cell, serum, nerve growth factor, vascular surgery, acupuncture and acupoint injections. Currently, under this pandemic situation, long distance travelling becomes risky and not that convenient as before, more and more patients need to maintain their vision function using updated remedies, we have integrated the best herb-based natural remedy: StemActiv and Restore Vision Herbal Tea into our whole treatment package, to fill in the lack of treatment options for our international RP patients.
From laboratory to processing factory, every step follows ISO9001 international standard, to make sure the security and effectiveness of StemActiv and Restore Vision Herbal Tea.