6 Tips to Relieve Sleep Disturbance in RP

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June 2, 2021
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July 6, 2021

We found many RP patients suffer from sleep disturbance. In people with no light perception, the prevalence was higher and the sleep disturbance was more severe than in those with better vision. This appears to be related to reduced daytime activity and the psychological burden due to vision loss.

Scientific research shows that sleep disturbance may have a negative effect on their vision function, treatment results and quality of life. The degeneration of optic cells mediates the photic input to the brain, and it may influence the sleep-wake rhythm. The perception of light, as an external cue, plays a key role in the sleep-wake rhythm. Therefore, many RP patients in the very late stage have been more severely affected by sleep disturbance. This vicious circle might accelerate the degeneration of the optic cells and speed up the vision loss process, it may also cause depression or other psychological problems.

How to improve sleep quality is crucial for RP patients.

Here are 6 tips to relieve sleep disturbance in RP.

1, Do aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, Tai Chi, Yoga. Studies showed that regular aerobic exercise can improve sleep quality and reduce excessive daytime sleepiness.

2, Stop using devices with screens 30 to 60 minutes before you turn in. The research found that visible blue light from device screens interfere with and delay the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

3, Protect the healthy optic cells and stimulate the dormant cells by natural healing – StemActiv. Compare RP patients’ retina to the barren land, StemActiv is like fertilizing it with more water and nutritional factors by increasing blood circulation to the retina. This natural formula is made of 12 organic herb components, which benefit the retina function, among them, poria, chrysanthemum and goji berry clear toxic metabolic waste in the liver and calm the nerves. These ingredients not only nourish the optic cells but also promote restful sleep.

4, Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as well as sweet or spicy foods. Instead, stick to foods that tend to be green or pale-colored, with high moisture content, such as tofu, cucumber, bananas and beans.

5, Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed. Dunking the feet in hot water helps the blood flow away from an overstimulated brain. Stop the soak once you’re slightly sweating, which indicates that the body’s stagnant energy channels have become unblocked.

6, Meditate in bed. It’s important to calm your mind before sleep. The best way to do this is wearing a heating herbal eye mask, close the eyes, enjoy the herbal aroma and focus only on your breath, inhale and exhale deeply, relinquishing any unpleasant or worrying thoughts. This helps improve the microcirculation of the retina and promote sleep quality.

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