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RP patients’ vision loss comes on slowly and methodically, depending on their gene mutation type and the overall health condition. Gradual vision loss is even more frustrating for those who may not develop noticeable symptoms until the disease has become severe. Our bodies are designed to uphold and adhere to more holistic wellness than ever thought possible, since we came from natural circumstances, and it’s with these natural remedies that we’re able to return and restore what was given to us at birth, for example, our vision. Therefore, the best strategy for RP patients is natural and organic herb remedies. It’s safe and the effect is permanent. It is necessary eye supplement nutrients. All the herbs are from natural plants. However, the natural remedy isn’t a quick fix. It takes time till the dormant optic nerve cells are activated. Patience and perseverance are two traits that must be followed towards the path to better vision.


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StemActiv (Free Shipping)

• Activate your own body's stem cells to migrate and produce new optic nerve stem cells.

• Improve blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen supply to the retina

• Improve optic nerve cellular health

• Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation.

• Promote faster healing and recovery of the dormant optic cells.

• Naturally restore and improve vision function.

• Zero side effect for long-term use.

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MacuRelief (Free Shipping)

• Reduce macular edema by natural healing.

• Improve vision function by healing the root causes.

• Nourish the optic cells by increasing blood supply to the eyes.

• Naturally improve the vision function for a long term.

• Zero side effect for long-term use.

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