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Neuro-ophthalmology rehabilitation is a customized treatment program for patients whose optic nerve got damaged by glaucoma, retinal disorders, stroke, ocular injury, brain tumor, or neurological conditions. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation promotes recovery through various therapies and activities that retrain the neural processes of the brain. Your brain's ability to change and adapt is called neuroplasticity.

By using specific neuro-ophthalmology rehabilitation devices like AC STIM and V20 light device, one can rewire the brain to improve eye function. Just as with other rehabilitation methods, the earlier one starts the rehab, the better the chance of recovery and sight improvement. Vision rehab treatments work on the dormant nerve cells, which are between dead and healthy state, they are sleeping, but not totally die yet.

These neuro-vision rehab devices focus on improving communication between the brain and the eyes (visual processing) which leads to improved balance, coordination, ability to read and use the computer, returning to school, returning to work and returning to driving.

It is important to note that a single type of vision rehabilitation treatment is often not enough to address all of the patient’s needs. This is why an integrative treatment protocol plays an important role in the rehabilitation of patients with retinal disorders and optic nerve damage.


We offer the latest neuro-ophthalmology treatments protocol to help patients slow down the vision loss process or restore the visual function. These non-invasive, natural remedies include:


The basic principle of the restore vision products is to maintain a healthy micro environment of the retina and dilate the blood vessels, increase blood flow to the retina, bring more oxygen, glucose and nutrients to the eyes and brain, which allows the optic nerves to eat, breathe, metabolize, regenerate and detoxify.

The integrative home vision remedy reduces inflammation and oxidative stress of the optic cells. It also enhances the optic nerve function by improving the efficiency of energy production (ATP) in the mitochondria of retinal cells. The combination treatment activates the neuroplasticity, improves brains visual capacity by rewiring and refiring the neurotracks, meanwhile, it wakes up the dormant optic nerve cells and help the sick and damaged optic nerves grow back to function. Over 70% of our previous patients have got noticeable vision improvement after 10 to 15 months continuous application of the products.

AC Stimulation (AC STIM)


AC Stimulation uses the AC STIM device, delivering electrical impulses to damaged and diseased photoreceptor cells. This electrical stimulation enhances the activity and function of these retinal cells, thereby reinforcing visual signaling along the optic nerve and partially restoring impaired vision.

AC STIM is the only home applied restore vision device (based on all research studies done to date). It has a unique Regulator and Processor that adjusts the frequency and power based on each individual’s retinal tissue acceptance.

The lower frequency increases energy production (ATP) in the retina, reverts the damaging retina, preserves visual acuity, and the visual field. The higher frequency helps relax the retinal tissue, increase blood supply to the retina, stimulate and energize dormant optic cells, and boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products which interfere with the flow of energy, nutrients, and communication. The treatment also attracts adult stem cells to help stimulate possible cell regeneration.

It is not magic or a fast fix for retina degeneration. Any improvement is a slow, progressive change; however, in general, the results are very encouraging, even if it takes at least 10 to 15 months to see noticeable improvement for most of patients. Some patients who have not shown improvement often report that their vision has not gotten worse. Please kindly note that even a little improvement means that the disease is not progressing. This is a huge accomplishment. Being able to stop or slow down the deterioration process is a valuable achievement.


V20 Light


Studies have shown that light can stimulate the activity of mitochondria and improve the production of ATP – the energy currency of cells, thereby prevent photoreceptor cells death, and preserve overall function of the retina.

The lights used in V20 Light device stimulates the visual system which, in turn, changes the biochemistry of the brain, since the retina is part of the brain, a large part of the brain is involved in vision and coordinating vision with other senses, like balance and hearing.

The direct connection between the eye and brain is the reason that light therapy through the visual system is so effective in changing brain function. Light focuses onto the back part of the eye, and then sends signals to the retina and optic nerve, and ultimately to the brain. The retina is actually brain tissue and that’s why light therapy is so effective for retinal disorders and optic nerve atrophy caused by different reasons.

V20 Light device delivers 670nm deep red light for a timed 180 seconds period; multispectral red, blue, green light for 180 seconds and syntonic light for 240 seconds. It has been independently tested and approved to ensure it conforms to the correct and safe wavelength and power requirements.

On this basis, you can be sure that the light delivered by V20 Light device is perfectly safe and delivers benefits to long term optic nerve health. This non-invasive device is easy to be used comfortably at home by patients ages from young kids to seniors over 80 years old, we offer the most prompt and professional support during your whole treatment session.




Research has shown that visually impaired patients who supplement with StemActiv and consistently consume it for 3-6 months of the year, have had, on average an annual decrease in the loss of retinal function by 20 percent, as measured by ERG in comparison to those not taking StemActiv. It is made of organic natural herbs and has absolutely no side effects for all genotypes of RP, Usher syndrome, Optic nerve atrophy, Stargardt disease.

The main principle of it is to increase blood flow to the retina, improve oxygen and nutrients supply to the rods and cones, maintain the healthy optic cells and activate the dormant cells. It is also the best pretreatment for increasing the success rate of future gene and stem cell therapies, as it optimizes the microenvironment of the retina and includes anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptosis components. Genetic material can be injected into a certain zone in the eyes and eventually cure the disease, but without a healthy microenvironment, an inflamed surrounding could end in a complete failure of any therapy.

StemActiv is the best preparation for future gene and stem cell therapies, which will double guarantee the best treatment outcomes safely and naturally. However, the natural remedy is not a quick fix. It takes time till the dormant optic nerve cells are activated. Patience and perseverance are two traits that must be followed towards the path to a better vision.



Ocular Iontophoresis (OCU-ION)


Ocular iontophoresis is a non-invasive and safe method for driving drug-loaded nanoparticles, including medicine ions and charged macromolecules, into the eyes. It overcomes barriers to ocular penetration of ophthalmic herbal nanoparticles. Thus, these herbal nanoparticles stay in the eye longer and, during this period, the medicine is released in a sustained and prolonged manner. This device of physical iontophoresis has the following benefits for different kinds of retinal disorder patients: 

  • relieve eye fatigue

  • improve blurred vision

  • expand peripheral vision

  • improve night vision

  • relieve dry eye symptoms

  • reduce eye inflammation

  • anti-oxidation



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